Meet Other Advocates of the Independent Living Philosophy


Offering and promoting programs to empower people with all disabilities to take personal responsibility so that they may achieve or continue independent lifestyles within the community. The independent living philosophy states that people with disabilities should have the same civil rights, options, and control over choices in their own lives as do people without disabilities.

Assist! To Independence:

Assist To Independence is a non profit organization created to help the disabled become more independent and offer various services and help in whatever way our clients require.

DIRECT Center for Independence, Inc.:

Advocating for disability rights and justice, Empowering individuals to achieve their self-identified independent living goals, Promoting the Independent Living philosophy and principles of consumer control, informed choice, community integration, and dignity of risk.

New Horizons Disability Empowerment Center:

Provide programs and services in Northern Arizona which encourage and empower people with disabilities to self-determine the goals and activities of their lives.

Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC):

AZSILC promotes the equality, inclusion, and choice for people with disabilities through collaboration and public policy change.

Arizona Center for Disability Law:

The Arizona Center for Disability Law (ACDL) is a not for profit public interest law firm, dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals with physical, mental, psychiatric, sensory and cognitive disabilities. ACDL provides information, outreach and training on legal rights and self-advocacy, represent individuals in negotiations, administrative proceedings and court, and investigate abuse and neglect.

Arizona Assistive Technology Exchange:

A “classified ads” feature that connects people with available assistive technology. The goal of the Arizona Assistive Technology Exchange is to put assistive technology equipment that is not currently being used, into the hands of someone who can benefit from it.

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Our guide helps deaf and hard of hearing students learn about online accommodations colleges offer to comply with the American Disabilities Act, popular listening devices and applications, and scholarships. We also provide a list of the 5 best colleges for students with hearing disabilities as well as additional helpful resources.