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Services we Offer

SMILE offers serveral services such as:


SMILE continually advocates for the Independent Living Philosophy, both individually and system wide. The Board and staff constantly strives to improve the system by writing letters, training staff, providing services, and creating public awareness as to the services and opportunities open to people who have disabilities.

Home Modification

The SMILE staff has been trained to assess homes for accessibility. We can implement permanent attached modifications, such as: Wheelchair ramps, grab bars, wheelchair accessible doorways, kitchen and bathroom adaptations. This program is funded by a CDBG grant from the City of Yuma.

Adaptive Equipment Lab

SMILE is developing an inventory of devices to aid people with disabilities in their activities of daily living. Ideally, the inventory of these devices will accommodate a variety of disabilities and individualized budgets. Staff provides introductions to, and instructions in the use of, this equipment, as well as locates sources for consumer purchase. This equipment has been purchased with funds from United Way of Yuma County and Rehabilitative Instructional Services-Rehabilitation Services Administration, State of Arizona

Assistive Technology Showroom and Lab

Consumers receive individualized introductions to, and instructions in the use of, the various types of technology that can assist with employment needs and daily living. Staff assists consumers with locating sources for purchase. or refer to Vocational Rehabilitation Services. VR can provide equipment for its consumers in the event accommodations are needed on the job. SMILE's goal is to obtain a comprehensive inventory which can accommodate individualized skill levels, and therefore be considered as a resource for selecting the most user friendly and cost effective product for the consumer, employers, school and other community agencies who may be interested in purchasing assistive technology for their employees, students, or consumers. SMILE also wants to use this equipment in helping community organizations provide material in alternate print format, such as Braille. Assistive technology has, to date, been purchased with funds from United Way of Yuma County.

Blind Services Program

This program is a State funded program by the Rehabilitation Instructional Services, RSA. The Blind Services Program provides 'low ticketed' Independent Living Aids/ Assistive Devices to individuals with Low vision in order for them to live safely, independent and with dignity in their community. We provide: Talking watches/ clocks, canes, writing/signature guides, assistive devices for cooking/ school/ work...

Qualifications: Letter from Doctor stating acuity/diagnosis

Information and Referral

Staff and Board members provide information/ referrals related to disabilities for consumers and the general public.

Life Skills

Promoting consumer's strengths while addressing their needs, the SMILE staff teaches consumers basic skills such as cooking/ meal planning, household management, childcare, money management, and travel training. service plans are adjusted to fit the wishes of each consumer.

Social Security CWIC (Community Work Incentives Coordinator)

SMILE has 2 CWIC's in office. Provides presentations to increase community awareness of Social Security Work Incentives. Provides benefits advisement, planning and management support to SSI/SSDI beneficiaries and recipients with disabilities who want to work, but worry about loosing their medical benefits and the safety of their Social Security checks.

Peer Support Groups

The program facilitates several small, informal peer support groups. within these groups, participants discuss coping skills and mutual concerns or issues. In order to offer this program, the help of volunteers from the community is needed, thus establishing a network of "peer mentors" who are people with disabilities who are willing to share their experiences with others like themselves.

Lost Peepers

The Lost Peepers group began several years ago and was named by its members, all of whom have low vision or blindness. The Lost Peepers group is a disability specific peer mentoring group. Individuals in the group range widely in experience with and adjustment to disability.


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